God Encounters: Fear and Trust

1 10 2009

God Encounters 2.3

  • What fears have you learned? Where has your trust been broken?  What is preventing you from experiencing life to the full?

Fears? Oh, that’s not an easy one. I’m a guy, we don’t have fears.  Right?  Actually, I was struck by the statement that children are born with two innate fears: loud noises and falling.  I don’t know how “they” know this stuff, but it appears to be true.  As I watch my kids learn to walk, run, play – that fear of falling seems pretty innate.  And loud noises definitely startle them.

I have some sensible claustrophobia.  Not so bad that it prevented me from doing my job as a firefighter, but enough that I would sometimes hesitate before entering some spaces.  Burning basements were kind of bizarre. The only entry and escape was often the chimney venting the fire – the basement stairs.  If that access became blocked, there was no way out.  Overturned cars in ravines were also kind of hinky.

But my fears probably run deeper.  Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of intimacy, fear of trusting another.  These issues lead me to be self-reliant, self-absorbed, aloof, and somewhat distant.  This keeps me from experiencing real, solid, and intimate relationships – on the level that would best reflect Christ’s character in my life.

  • How might you rebuild your trust in God’s faithfulness?  What are the first steps you will take?

This is actually an easy answer.  But words are cheap.  The simple answer: let go

Understanding that God has a hold on me – I don’t need to hold on so tightly. To whatever?  Relationships, my kids safety, the safety of my wife – emotional, physical, spiritual, social, etc.

Just let go, and let God.  That is the first step – surrender.

  • Where in your life can you acknowledge that God has been asking you to leap?  What adventures might you imagine He has in store for you?

This too is an easy one – for the leap has been made.  Last year He asked me to hold some people accountable, I did, it cost me my job.  So, here I am, with no visible means of support, with only a month or so of resources left, and no vision into the future.  It is quite scary.

It is also quite exciting.  It will be very interesting to see where God leads on the next step of the journey.


Father God, just for today, teach me to trust You and to let go of the artificial control I think I have of my life.




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