It’s Not All About Being Right

26 03 2009

It’s Not All About Being Right!

Joshua 15-17
I Corinthians 8
March 23, 2009


1 Corinthians 8:13 – So if what I eat causes another believer to sin, I will never eat meat again as long as I live – for I don’t want to cause another believer to stumble.


I see pride, arrogance, and self-determination here. Thos who are eating meat sacrificed to idols, are arrogantly saying that there’s nothing wrong. Those who refuse to believe that meat is OK to eat, are arrogantly saying that they know more than the others. Both parties are pridefully holding up their way as the only way of doing things.

Paul, is saying, take the humble road. Let it go. Do whatever it takes to build up your brothers and sisters in the Lord.


I actually don’t want to listen to how this applies to me. There is so much that I could apply, but I don’t want to even begin to explore it. Basically, what I hear is that this is about relationships. One can be right, but what does that accomplish?

In my marriage, I am moral. I don’t “cheat” on my wife. I don’t lust after other women, I don’t seek other women, I am ver content in the marriage I have. But, does that mean there is no room for improvement? Absolutely not. Does that mean that there are not things my wife would like me to do, better? Nope.

The same could be said with our relationship with Christ. Am I engaging in any activities or behaviors that would keep me out of the Kingdom? Nope. So, does that mean that my relationship with Jesus is perfect? Absolutely not!

My choosing certain activities and habits, that are clearly not healthy for me, are not improving my relationship with my wife or my Lord. I have much room for improvement.

etc, etc, etc


Dear Lord, teach me to put others before myself. Thanks – I love you too!




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