Just and Right

4 05 2008


2 Samuel 8:15 David reigned over all Israel, doing what was just and right for all his people.


What is “just and right?” It is amazing how many kings reigned without being just, right, moral, or obedient. Does just imply fair? Does right mean obedient? Does just and right imply the same thing as just and merciful? The genocide that David engaged in does not seem to show much mercy – at least for his enemies. However, his treatment of Mephibosheth certainly shows that he had the ability to be right and merciful.


It has been my observation that God honors the leaders that are obedient, just, right, merciful, and God-centric. On the other hand, as we read in Amos 8 yesterday, God does little if anything for those who don’t choose to follow His ways. David’s successes certainly imply that this was attributable to his obedience.

So, many have made the leap that any failure, any lack of thriving, or any disease or dysfunction is due to a lack of obedience. The disciples made this leap when they asked Jesus whose sin caused the man to be crippled.

Does that mean that the family whose child is born dead, was disobedient to God? Does that mean that the church that fails to thrive and grow, is suffering from an obedience issue? Does it mean that the woman who undergoes cancer surgery is not following God? Or the man who loses his job is a sinner?

No, it doesn’t. This is what Job’s friends were trying to tell him. Just confess your sin and everything will be made well. But, as Job so rightly exclaimed, he was innocent.

However, when faced with obstacles, setbacks, roadblocks, or a lack of growth, we should definitely take some time to examine our lives and see if there is anything standing between us and God.

I think it is time for our church, locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide, to take the time, through fasting and prayer, to assess our spiritual condition.


Father God, it is so easy for me to assess other people’s spiritual standing, yet ignore the log in my own eye. I know that this sort of assessment has to start with me. Please reveal to me the things I need to do in order to better walk with you, to better lead, and to reflect your character by being “just and right.”




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