31 05 2007

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

A couple of days ago I was trying to get down my brother’s driveway. When it rains, it gets very slick. I was pulling a 23′ trailer behind a 4WD pickup, I was thinking that the 4Wd would “save” me – but in reality it was all I could do to control that beast.

This 300 yard driveway was relatively level, but as I apporached the last 50′, it began to slope downhill. I had to have enough speed to keep moving and not get stuck in the mud, but not too fast that I couldn’t control this whole contraption. The trailer was pushing me toward a destination I wasn’t yet ready to arrive at. If I hit the brakes, I was sure to lose control. Yet, on either side of the driveway enterance was a deep ditch.

I fought with the wheel like a man fighting in his dreams. My jaw clenched, my breathing tight, and short, jerky movements of the wheel. We coulld feel the pickup slide sideways, ever so slightly, then careen back the other direction. All the while, as I checked my mirrors, the trailer came obediently behind.

As I approached the road, I surrendered to the intertia of this twisting eight-wheeled snake and we glided out onto the road just like we were supposed to. I waited for all four truck tires to be on the gravel road before I attempted to navigate in a different direction. It was then I saw the deeper ditch on the far side of the road. I turned as sharp as I dared and watched the trailer dip ever so slightly into the top of the ditch.

Pulling out onto the road, I let out a large sigh of relief. Whew! We made it — but you don’t know how close we came to not making it. My wife praised the Lord for answering our prayers. She and my daughter immediately praised Jesus and shouted for joy. I was struck with the pain of humility.

Here I thought it all depended upon me to get that truck and trailer onto solid ground and they were relying upon Jesus. I thought my skill and experience had prepared me for just such a time as this, and they ran to the strong tower of Jesus. I fought for control, trying to save the truck and trailer, they sat back and prayed. I was humbled.

Why didn’t I pray? Why do I think it is all about me? Why must I stress? Why did I hold my breath and squeeze the wheel with a death-grip that only wasted energy? What was I afraid of? That I would fail? Why didn’t I expect our Lord to walk me through this?

To make matters harder, my wife exclaimed that the angels were nudging the trailer and truck to stay in line and on the road. Not only had I not prayed, it never occured to me that the angels were out there giving us a hand — better than any human hands could ever accomplish.

It is the righteous that run to the Lord and are saved. I continue to be convinced how unrighteous I am and how much more humility I need in my heart. Prayer should be my first thought — not my last.

When I try to resolve church problems, family issues, mechanical breakdowns, geographic conundrums, and social situations on my own, the possibilities are limited. But as I learn to rely on Jesus, the possibilities are endless.

I must rely on Jesus.

Thanks Lord for sending my wife into my life to take up the slack where I lack. We make a good team. Continue to teach me to seek you first.





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