Hearing God’s Voice

14 05 2007

May 12, 2007


2 Samuel 21:1 NLT There was a famine during David’s reign that lasted for three years, so David asked the LORD about it. And the LORD said, “The famine has come because Saul and his family are guilty of murdering the Gibeonites.”


Biblical examples clearly support God’s direct communication with men and women. Many think it “weird” when one speaks of talking to God. Some are even adamant that this cannot occur. However, Henry Blackaby teaches that God speaks to us in four ways: through prayer, the Bible, circumstances, and the Body of Christ.

Most people do not mention a direct, audible conversation with God. Few have heard God’s voice, and even if they did, they most likely would not understand it. For even as God spoke to Moses on the mountain, the Israelites below only heard thunder. Elijah struggled to hear God’s voice in the fire, the wind, the earthquake, but it was the “still small voice” in which he heard God’s voice.

Although it is easy to be deceived through attempting to hear the voice of God, that doesn’t mean that God cannot communicate with us directly. Just like all spiritual gifts and supernatural encounters, it is easy for some to be misled or deceived. It is very important that any communications align with the Bible – our only true foundation in this degraded state of life.


It was sometime in the early 1980s when I first heard the voice of God. It wasn’t an audible voice, but I heard it. I was standing on a mountaintop, overlooking the city. I was lonely, depressed, feeling hopeless and ready to quit. As I stared into the stars of the night, my face into the wind, and ready to just give up, I heard something indescribable. As my mind sought to understand the event, the only conclusion I could arrive at was that I had just received heavenly reassurance that everything would be “ok.”

A peace washed over me that was as indescribable as the sound. I walked off the mountaintop with an abundance of optimism. It was years later before I actually surrendered to God’s methods and pathways, but it was an exciting opportunity that gave me hope like I’d never experienced before.

I have been awoken by heavenly messengers three times. Sleeping ever so soundly, I awoke to my name being spoken. Gentle, melodic, and with perfect intonation, I awoke with a start: looking around for the speaker. With some confusion and some certainty, I found my self lying in bed, wide awake, and with feelings of hope. It happened two more times and each time my first urge was to get up and spend time with God.

As I got up, I wondered what could be so important that God would awaken me like this? I had great anticipation of things wonderful and things terrible. What attacks was Satan brewing? What did God have in store? But, interestingly, the days went without event.

Was it the time of prayer that prevented calamity? Was it the peace of God that helped me to ride over the rough spots? Or did God just crave time with me? Either way, I heard God’s voice – but not just when He called my name at 3:30 AM, but also in times of direction.

Ezekiel says that whether it be to the right or to the left,” God will tell us which way to turn. I have experienced that in my life many times. Most notably, when I was heading to my re-baptism, being called into youth ministry, leaving Portland, being called into full-time pastoral ministry, a confirmation of my time at seminary, and confirmation of our call to Colorado Springs.


Father God, please keep guiding my ways…




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