17 02 2006


Acts 24:27 (NIV) 27When two years had passed, Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus, but because Felix wanted to grant a favor to the Jews, he left Paul in prison.

“You say it’s urgent
Make it fast, make it urgent
Do it quick, do it urgent
Gotta rush, make it urgent
Want it quick
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
So urgent, emergency
Emer… emer… emer…It’s urgent”

The above words are the final chorus from the song “Urgent” by Foreigner. This was an early 1980s favorite of mine – I used to jokingly call it my theme song. I wanted to play it over the loudspeaker of the ambulance as I responded to calls for assistance.

I was recently reminded of this song by a cell phone commercial.

In the early days of my emergency services career, I was truly an adrenaline junky. I lived for the beep of the pager and the wail of the siren. In my teens, and even my early 20s, I was into the rush – the excitement of the moment. Later, I came to love the ministry of serving others, saving lives, and alleviating pain and suffering. It was an interesting coming of age for me.

But the sense of urgency has never left me. I feel this impending need to do everything now. Sometimes this leads me to be tactless, short, and abrupt. I sometimes feel that if I don’t get busy, it will never get done. “Get’r done.”

As a kid, my Dad taught me to, “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” Or, “Don’t just stand there, do something!” This task orientation has been driving me all my life. While not all bad – because I have been quite successful in some of my endeavors – it hasn’t exactly enhances my relationships. In fact, I’ve learned that by taking shortcuts in the relationships of my life, I’ve caused a lot of heartache.

Then I read the text above and here is the thought that went through my head.

Paul was on a much more important mission than I am. He was better prepared, better educated, and better directed. He was a world traveler who was called by God to change the World. Yet, he wasn’t in a hurry, or so it seems.

Here he is, imprisoned – and seemingly relaxed. How does he do that?

He was living in the moment and putting his whole trust in God.

OK, this is about trust. Do I trust God? Am I living in the moment? Do I truly believe that He won’t let me be anywhere I shouldn’t be?

The answer would be, “no.”

So, what should the answer be?

So, I’ve been sick. So what? So, I’ve been grieving. So what? So, I’m behind in almost everything in my life – family, work, church, etc. So what!?

Is God in control? Yes. So, what am I worried about?


It took Moses 40 years to figure it out. It took Jesus 40 days in the wilderness. If I’m somewhere in the middle, isn’t that good?

So, what’s the hurry?

Don’t just do something, stand there – and listen.

Father God, I’m waiting for you.





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